How long does a shoot take?

I have no specific time allowance for my shoots, as I like to work in a relaxed and stressless manner that’s specific to the needs of each individual family. If you are too constricted with time there’s no room for tea breaks and chinwags, which are an integral part of the fun! Shoot timings tend to vary depending on the age of the kids too. Usually for under 5’s any more than an hour and they’re getting tired and ratty. Babies can be a bit different as we may need to stop for feeds or changes so a one hour shoot can occasionally take more like two. For older kids and adults it can be anything up to 2-3 hours for a location session, usually no more than 2 for a session at home.

How far are you willing to travel?

I am happy to come anywhere within Bristol and up to 10 miles out (give or take) for which my travel expenses are included in the session fee. For commissions that are much further then this there will be a nominal charge for the extra distance – feel free to email me with your specific needs.

How long after the shoot can I have my images?

Please allow me 1-2 weeks to finish your edit and get your images uploaded into your gallery. If you choose to have your image/s as digital files I will provide you with a link so you can download them the same day. If you have ordered an archival disc case or a package with albums/wall art these should arrive with you 2-3 weeks after you have made your order. The products will be hand delivered or posted to you.

How do we book/pay you?

Get in touch initially by phone or email for an informal chat over your shoot. You then pay your £50 session fee by bank transfer to secure your booking. Once the shoot is finished and uploaded you can have a good look through your images online & decide what you would like. Let me know how you’d like to proceed via email and I can invoice you for any remaining balance. Alternatively you can purchase prints, digital files and canvases direct from my lab on an individual basis. To do this use the ‘buy photos’ button at the top right side of your gallery.

What if I’m buying the shoot as a gift?

Send me an email telling me who and when the gift is for. Once you’ve paid the £50 session fee I will send out a pretty gift wrapped voucher that entitles the recipient to a family shoot of their choice, edit, upload and a single image. There are details on the gift pack to let them know whats included and ask them to get in touch to book in. I will give them a reminder call one month after the date you are giving the gift. If you are feeling particularly generous you can also choose to pre pay for any of the offers/packages I have listed on the site and I will include these details in the voucher.

Can I buy additional canvas, prints, frames and albums after the shoot?

I do highly recommend making more of your images than just the odd slideshow on your computer but everybody’s needs are different. You may want me to make some beautiful artwork or an album as well as having the whole shoot on disc, or maybe you’re sticking to a strict budget and are just happy with a few prints or digital files. If you don’t know exactly what physical results you want from your day don’t panic – you can just pay the session fee & decide later. Either email me your choices or order direct from my lab via your gallery.

What size can I print from my disc?

All the files I provide are 300dpi – the industry standard resolution for printing. They will easily blow up to 12×16″ even from a high street print lab.

What happens if the weather is bad on the day of my location shoot?

Mother nature can be a fickle mistress that’s for sure. The best thing is to set a date and keep an eye on the weather in the days running up to the shoot. If it looks dodgy we can always reschedule (free of charge) or go for a home shoot instead. Bear in mind that some of the loveliest pictures make use of inclement weather though. There’s little better than toddlers in wellies splashing in puddles, or bundled up in winter woolies. Rain and snow can be very atmospheric. But this is entirely your call!