What type of shoot would you like?


Studio style or

Home shoots are for those looking for that rich studio lit feel.

This approach can be simple and classic or boundlessly creative to suit your taste.

Things to consider

Enjoy the warmth, comfort & convenience of home. Great for baby & maternity shoots as intimate images are much better created in a private warm space.

Good for small groups. If there are more then 4/5 people in your family I suggest you plump for a location session as you will need lots of space.

Creative indoor play for young families. I love setting up fun activities for kids. Past shoots have included getting messy making gingerbread, a vintage tea party and a crafty afternoon painting robots!

Not weather/light dependant. Studio style shoots can be done on he rainiest winters day or in the evenings.

With studio shoots you can have unusual composite backgrounds made. The image above left shows Henry & mummy Lorraine playing with his favourite vintage bus at the kitchen table. I photographed the bus separately and made the wallpaper background in photoshop. The end result is a truly personal piece of artwork that you could never replicate elsewhere.


On location?

Location shoots are for those who like the dreamy beauty of natural light and landscape.

Things to consider

There is no more beautiful backdrop then a natural location. Take the family off on an adventure, climb trees, sniff flowers, have races & stamp in puddles. It’s a wonderful approach for toddlers, with lots of space to roam around and explore.

For bigger family groups the extra space and natural light make a big difference.

The downside of location shoots is they are often weather and light dependant. You may need to be flexible with your shoot date. Choose a location, make a date and cross your fingers! There is no charge if you choose to reschedule because of the weather.

Most of my families will book their location shoots between April and October when nature comes back to its full beauty & the world warms up.

Having said that I would love to do a wet weather or snow shoot with an adventurous family one of these days! If you’re up for getting the brollies and wellys on, bundling up in woolies and braving it so am I! The results could be fantastic :)