What’s the mini studio/photo booth all about?

As you’re probably aware it tends to be more comfortable for most people to have their picture taken once one or 2 glasses of wine have been quaffed. With this in mind I often nab a corner of the reception with my portable studio set up to get some characterful portraits of you and your guests. The mini studio option is for more simple group shots, the photo booth the highly entertaining alternative.

See my Booth page for more detailed info.

Why should we do an engagement/creative couple shoot?

These shoots have different draws for different couples. For some it’s the ideal time to get some professional images for their ‘save the date’ cards, for others a chance to create fun creative images to mark the end of one chapter and beginning of the next! In either case its a chance for us to properly get to know each other and to help you to feel comfortable in front of the camera. These shoots will be entirely tailored to you. Maybe you’d like some gorgeous natural shots of you guys out walking in the woods or around your favourite bits of the city? Being tender, larking about, climbing trees – whatever you like! Maybe you fancy getting a bit more creative? We could do a themed studio style shoot where you play a character of your choice, dress up, strip off, pretend to be robots, otters, circus performers..! Mad as it sounds the more fun you have with it the better!

Whatever your taste a pre shoot is highly recommended. I’ll share with you a few tips and tricks from my 8 years as a portrait photographer. I promise by the end of the session we’ll not only be firm friends you’ll be feeling much more confident about having your photo taken.

Do you do traditional group shots?

Very happy to! I do recommended keeping them to a minimum as they have a habit of cutting in to your chatting and champagne drinking time post ceremony which has been known to disgruntle the odd auntie. If you would like more then a couple done enlisting an usher to help gather people together is a very big help. The best group shots are fun and natural, so I recommend bringing a pair of flat shoes and a willingness to lark about. Images with movement and fun will have you smiling and laughing naturally and these are so much better then the stiff formal alternative.

What insurance do you hold?

I am fully insured with both Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance. As all professional photographers should be :) Don’t fret you are in safe hands.

How do we book you?

Get in touch initially to arrange a consultation. We’ll chat over your day, get to know each other & go from there. If you would like to book me I ask for a deposit of £200 to secure the day. This is payable via bank transfer, cash or cheque. There is also a simple contract to be signed.

Please remember that until this deposit is paid and the contract signed your booking is not finalised. I can’t bear to disappoint anyone but if another client asks for your date and does the admin first you may lose your spot!

Tell me about spreading the cost…

It’s important to me to be accessible and fair with my pricing. I am used to being paid monthly and so instalments can be a useful way to do this. Speak to me to work out what’s comfortable for you. As long as the full amount is paid before the wedding day I’m quite happy to be flexible.

What size can I print the photographs from the disc?

All the files I provide are 300dpi – the industry standard resolution for printing. They will easily blow up to 12×16″ even from a high street print lab.

Tell me more about the album and wall products..

Though some clients are happy with just a disc of their images others would also like something a little more tactile. I am pleased to offer a hand designed hardback book of your images or some beautiful wall art as optional upgrades to my wedding package. These pieces are of the very highest quality I can find and built to last.

I do highly recommend making more of your images then just the odd slideshow on your computer but everybody’s needs are different. You may know exactly what physical results you want from your day, you may want to decide later. Either way is fine by me.

For more detailed info see my Prices page.

Will we need to provide food for you?

If you’re booking me for a full day that would be great. Don’t go to any special trouble though, I’m very happy with sandwiches or whatever happens to be about!

How long after the wedding until we receive our photographs?

I’ll aim to get it done for you as quickly as possible. As a guide 4 weeks for the fully edited digital files, adding an album/wall art can take an additional 2 or 3 weeks. I will upload the files to my gallery site as soon as they’re finished and the disc will be winging its way to you in the post soon afterwards.