Portrait of a super mummy

It seems fitting that my first ever blog post should be about a lady who is a professional blogger extraordinaire! My client Khaili McMorris runs a lovely blog called ‘Mummy diaries’ from all the way across the Atlantic in Canada!

Originally hailing from the UK she got in touch to see if she could book a family portrait shoot with me (tashapark.co.uk/family) while she was home visiting family at the end of April. Khaili’s blog is about all the ups and downs of ‘mummyhood’ but in particular about travelling with your children. To illustrate this we needed somewhere quintessentially ‘Bristol’ as a location for our session and so picked the iconic Bristol Harbourside as a place to meet.

I love shooting at the harbourside! This is not the first family portrait shoot outing I’ve had there. The colourful boats and pleasingly sculptural cranes, old buildings and cobbles make for a very atmospheric and interesting backdrop. I often prefer an interesting urban background to a pretty but nondescript green space; even supposedly ‘ugly’ industrial spaces can be surprisingly effective when used well!

I met Khaili and her little girl Willow on an overcast Thursday afternoon by the Arnofini and we took a slow wander round to the MShed taking pictures as we walked. We were very lucky with the weather – overcast but dry and bright is great for portraits (this often surprises my clients who always have their fingers crossed for a bright sunny day!) We had lovely soft forgiving light with no squinting or harsh shadows to contend with – perfic!

Willow is only 14 months and has not been up on her feet long. At toddler age the world is such an exciting playground with so much to explore that it’s very hard to stay in one place! The very worst thing you can do with the teenies is to try to keep them still, so Khaili and I explored with her! We played and danced; only stopping for a quick dried fruit snack (and a coffee for me and mum!) to keep our energy up for more modeling!

As you can see the portraits are gorgeous. I had a great day with the girls and I know Khaili got everything she needed and more for her blog. It was fab working with this well travelled and loving family. Very excited now for my next adventure!

If you would like more info on my family portrait shoots, would like to book a session or buy a gift please click here!  To read Khaili’s lovely blog for yourself you’ll find her at: khaili.com/