Hello! My name is Tasha Park and I am a photographer – thanks for coming to have a look around my page!

Here is a little bit about me for those that are interested..

I finished my photography degree in 2007 & took a job as a junior family photographer for a busy studio in Bristol. Over time I became their senior photographer, assistant manager and then training consultant before the urge to drop the admin and get back behind the camera got too strong & I went freelance to start my own business. I pride myself on putting my heart into everything I do & offer high quality affordable photography.

I have photographed all ages and walks of life from teeny babies to the CEO’s of companies, and I have enjoyed learning how to best portray the characters of each and every one. Part of being a good portrait photographer is to get your subject feeling relaxed & therefore looking their best. Many people think they photograph badly, but I believe this is because ‘posing’ is the norm. WE ALL LOOK TENSE WHEN POSING. The secret is breaking that pose! Sometimes this is easily done & occasionally it takes a wee bit more time and reassurance, but in the end I will always produce a set of images that you will be proud to point yourself out in.

So you’re getting married? Brilliant! Congratulations! Weddings are a great opportunity to express your creativity and throw a big party filled with all your nearest and dearest. A bit nerve racking and stressful sometimes but always well worth it. This should be a day for high levels of love and fun, definitely not stressing about having your photo taken! Most of my work uses a reportage approach – unobtrusive, intuitive and easy going – designed to capture the action.

I try to avoid posed pictures where possible but often couples and their families will want a few of these. I prefer the term ‘organised’ images as I try to ‘break’ the poses in pursuit of natural smiles and minimal stiffness. I love to do fun action shots and highly recommend you talk to me about setting aside some time for pictures of just the two of you. These can be silly, quirky, tender – whatever you fancy – but getting a break from it all and capturing that ‘just married’ moment is always great.


In the evening my favourite thing is to set up a Photo Booth. This means people don’t have to worry about a camera suddenly popping up when they’re a bit ‘tiddly’ and unaware and they can feel free to ‘dance like there’s nobody watching’. If your guests want to have some photos taken together they can come to me, don a silly hat & vogue to their hearts content! If you’d like more info on this you can check out the Booth section of my website.

If you would like to read about other couples experiences please google ‘Tasha Park Photography’ and read my reviews or have a look at my Testimonials section. I am also very proud to be recommended by some wonderful venues including The Square Club in Clifton, and Priston Mill near Bath.

Money-wise it’s important to me that there are no hidden charges or no scary surprises. I have designed a very straightforward package that can be upgraded to suit your needs. I can even do half day rates or spread costs to make life easier. Check out my prices & FAQ pages to get a better idea of what option will work best for you.

If you like my work the first thing to do is send me an email to check I’m free on your wedding date. If so we can arrange to meet for a consultation to chat about your day, look through my portfolios and see if we’re right for each other. There is no charge for this and no obligation to book.

Though I’m not a one for whittering on every day I do post occasional blog links and recent adventures on Facebook – related stuff I find interesting. If you fancy giving my page a good ‘like’ you’ll find it here.

If you’re thinking of booking me for something that doesn’t fit into Family or Wedding photography I am often happy to do bespoke jobs of all different types. Covering childrens events, quirky fun business photography – you name it! If you think this is probably you please just send me a message and we’ll chat it through.

Thanks for reading – I hope you have a fantastic day.