Hello again!

So this page gives you more of an idea of who I am and how I work.

This first bit is a general low down and if you scroll down past the video you will find lots of useful practical info in my FAQs.

My style is a mixture of candid and creative moments – I love using colour and shape and rarely ask people to look directly at the camera. I have a sketchbook full of ideas and inspiration and am proud to be constantly learning and trying out new things.

The photography element of a wedding day shouldn’t be a chore – NOTHING on your wedding day should be a chore if you can help it! Sure, its’ not always easy to be in front of the camera, but that’s mostly to do with being too aware of yourself – trying to do a ‘nice’ expression. What you end up with is a weird, tense smile that is so far from your natural face it can put you off for life! The trick is to mess about – to play games, talk to each other, to genuinely ENJOY YOURSELF. Fun looks good on anyone, and I believe creating that fun is an essential part of being a good wedding photographer.

Not to blow my own trumpet but I AM a bit of a pro at this – I’ve been a portrait photographer for over a decade, starting with families and kids and then setting up my own wedding photography business. I have photographed all ages and walks of life from teeny babies to the CEO’s, and have enjoyed learning how to best portray the characters of each and every one. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it takes a wee bit more time and reassurance, but in the end I will always produce a set of images that you will be proud to point yourself out in.

I know the money side of things can be difficult – weddings are expensive beasties and photography can take a sizeable bite out of the budget, but it’s the part of the wedding that goes with you through your life. I know I would say this (haha!) but it really is worth investing in. Even if you go for a half-day or a bespoke option to fit to a strict budget ANY amount of time with a creative professional photographer will be worth it. Its important to me that my prices are listed clearly online and there are no hidden costs or scary surprises – what you see is what you get.

Have a look at my portfolio and if you like my work check out the prices page. If that side of things is all good next stop is my testimonials and Google reviews, and then if you’re feeling keen give me a shout to check I’m free on your wedding date :) We can go from there!

Whether or not I spend it with you I wish you a wonderful wedding day – remember it is all about having a good time. Go celebrate your love with your family and friends, go minimal on anything that stresses you out, be comfortable and spoil yourselves rotten. This is going to be one of the best days of your life!

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can I still have traditional posed group shots?

    Of course! Though my style is generally very relaxed and candid I always aim to do a few more ‘posed’ group shots where everyone is looking at the camera. If I didn’t I would always feel there’s at least one sad Nana looking through the gallery for that classic family pic to go on her mantelpiece and not finding it. It’s definitely worth doing a few, but I advocate keeping posed group shots to a minimum. It’s better to spend more of your time having fun with your guests then being away somewhere posing for pictures. If I had my way I’d do this simple list for every wedding and that’s it:

    Everyone together
    Everyone throwing confetti
    Immediate family both sides
    Groomsmen/bridal party

    But feel free to add and subtract as you like! Every couple is different as to how important they feel the groups are and how many they want to do – go with your heart.

    I will usually make sure I take a posed picture of each grouping, but my favourite shots are always those where I just get you into a nice shape against a pretty background and get you messing around! Laughing, playing shouting dancing – generally having a good time – those are the shots I have of my own loved ones that mean the most to me.

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Bespoke quotes available

Please get in touch for more details if any of the below apply:
  • LBGTQ+ couples

    LBGTQ+ couples

    Love is love and I want to celebrate it in all its many forms.

    Marriage is not just the domain of the straight and cisgender (though leaf through most wedding magazines and you’d be forgiven for thinking so!) The industry IS changing for the better but has still got some way to go in terms of sensitivity. For instance how many times have you had to fill in your names under ‘Bride’ and ‘Groom’ on an online contact form when indeed both identify as ‘Bride’? These things seem may small but they aren’t – they can hurt.

    I’d love my own work to better reflect the wonderful spectrum of sexuality and gender that makes up our society, and so I offer a discount to LGBTQ+ couples in hope of gaining a more diverse portfolio and making sure EVERYONE feels welcome.

  • Cultural diversity

    Cultural diversity

    Do you or your partner’s families have roots in another country or culture that you will be celebrating on your wedding day?

    In Nigerian culture the bride and groom sometimes exchange Kola Nuts, symbolising healing or fertility. In Chinese culture white is a traditionally unlucky colour and instead a bride will wear red! Maybe your roots are in India and you are having a Hindi ceremony, or you’re Jewish and plan to dance the Hora?

    Much as I enjoy a traditional English wedding I love learning about cultures other then my own, so I offer this discount in hope I’ll broaden my horizons ever further!

  • Winter or Weekday wedding*

    Winter or Weekday wedding*

    A summer Saturday is a wonderful time to get married but they do get booked up quick!

    More and more couples are going for a weekday and/or winter wedding, as their dream venue is WAY more affordable that way! But it isn’t just that. As a bonus winter weddings have a cosiness and atmosphere all their own – faux fur jackets over wedding dresses, twinkly lights and roaring fires! Though the days are shorter the light is low, beautiful (and flattering!) throughout. With enough notice (or in school holidays if you’re a teacher) all your guests will be happy to take a weekday off to see you wed, and hey you can put some of the money you save behind the bar as a thank you!

    Weekday and winter weddings are fab for me; my bookings are spread more evenly throughout the year, and even get one or 2 summer weekends off! Hence anyone booking Monday to Friday, November through March will receive a lovely discount.

    *November to March

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