Comfort is key!

Being uncomfortable or stressed out on your wedding day is obviously NOT ideal, but still so many couples will just grit their teeth and race against the clock in their pursuit of that ‘perfect’ day. Personally I’m an advocate for maxin’ relaxin’ and having the best time possible on your wedding day, and having been to oodles of weddings I have put together this simple guide to help you achieve maximum fun.

1: ‘Dress comfortably and consider the weather!’ As a bride on your wedding day you want to look beautiful. Of course you do! Sadly that often involves corsets and super tight gowns, veils that get caught in your hair and heels that hurt your feet. Heels and veils are easy enough – wear them for as long as you’re enjoying yourself and then take them off!! It will feel UR-MAZING ☺ Make sure you plan some pretty, comfy flats/flip flops for your reception (and don’t forget your bridesmaids!) You could even slip a little fascinator to into your hair to replace that veil. Don’t wear a dress that’s too tight, that’s so long you fall over it or so poufy that you need 5 girlfriends to help you go for a wee! Make sure you can do all the fun things – drink, eat, dance, climb trees (well maybe not that last one) – whilst still wearing your beautiful wedding dress. If you do want a long gown make sure the train can be hooked up out of the way. Personally I think your dress is there to be enjoyed intensely for one day, so try not to be too worried about sitting on walls or accidental spills/rips – hey, they happen! My best friend ended up breakdancing in hers and the memory of that moment is worth so much more to her then having a pristine dress languishing under the bed for eternity! My wedding photos become at least 60% more exciting when I have a bride who is up for having fun, and being comfy has a lot to do with that.



Think about temperature – I get very grouchy when I’m cold – and even in summer there is often a nip in the air. If you plan on spending time outside get a furry stole or a pashmina to have on hand. Equally if it’s boiling and you’re stood in 10 layers of fabric that could cause a problem too! Invest in a pretty parasol to give yourself some shade. Boys, if the weather is hot your suits will make you melt (FACT) so be sure to have attractive shirts/waistcoats that you are happy to show off if that mercury hits the high notes.



2: Leave yourself some breathing room Most wedding schedules I get given there is something happening every minute of the day. As fun as they are weddings are busy days and there’s often quite a bit you’ll want to cram in. There’s no surer way of getting tired and stressed then not planning little bits of downtime into your day.

Here are a few tips: Getting ready: It’s really the only part of your day that you have to stick doggedly to a schedule – both of you have to be dressed and at the ceremony on time & after that you can relax. Much of the morning will be spent being pampered and preened and having fun with your girls so it’s a shame to have to hustle out of the door in 5 seconds flat. Make sure you lounge about decadently and EAT SOMETHING, laugh lots – it will set you up for a great day! It’s a lovely time for photography when you’re all ready with pristine hair and fresh flowers but the bridal portraits and details are often sidelined as time begins to run out. If you plan to be in your dress with 30mins to spare you’ll have a chance to catch your breath and arrive at the ceremony beautifully calm.



Drinks reception: Where possible use this time for just that! Have a drink, catch up with your guests (have your flat shoes on hand) and don’t plan anything else. Traditionally this is the time for formal photographs but I prefer to earmark an hour later in the day when everyone has eaten and had a few glasses of wine to do organised photos. As well as giving you some much needed down time post ceremony this ensures everyone has had time to properly relax by the time they get photographed. The evening light is WAY more flattering to work with too. The only time I don’t suggest this is winter weddings where the days are too short or if you have little or elderly people who may not stay into the evening.



Give yourself a bit of private time: Once the meal and the speeches are done there’s usually a nice gap before evening guests arrive, cakes are cut and dances are danced. I love to use this time to escape the crowd and do some couple shots. We’ll grab you a drink and the 3 of us will go for a wander and take some photographs. My feedback from brides is that by this time you are really ready for a quiet moment with your new husband. The day is almost done, the party starting and it’s a great moment to just be together. Once I’ve done a few creative shots and details I’ll leave you two to your privacy and you can find your way back to the party once you’re ready ☺