Why hire a wedding car?

Spending a chunk of your precious wedding budget on simply transporting yourself from A to B in a posh car may seem wholly unnecessary but there’s SO much more to it!

As a photographer I LOVE a good wedding car. Having a fabulous ‘nuptials mobile’ can really enhance your wedding photos. It doesn’t have to be the classically twee Rolls Royce anymore; these days’ couples have a huge choice of quirky vehicles at their disposal! You can find something that really fits your character.

And it’s not just the beauty of the car itself; by hiring a professionally driven motor you are relieving yourself of the stress of “getting to the church on time”. That is now – entirely – SOMEONE ELSES PROBLEM! A good chauffeur will be calming and friendly, arrive blissfully early and ferry you to the ceremony with perfect timing – because that is after all their specialism! After the ceremony you and your newly wedded other half will have a private space in which to relax for some post ceremony respite. Probably with a glass or 2 of champagne on hand.

I am very lucky to have worked with some utterly wonderful wedding car suppliers over the years, and one of these – Suzie Goodman from quirky wedding car company Kushi Cars – has kindly volunteered to give us her take on the subject:

“Just as weddings themes have changed considerably, gone are the days of booking a traditional wedding car.  But why do brides need a wedding car at all?

Well, you need to get there somehow! Why not travel in style?  Let someone else do the driving so that you and your escort can sit back and get the nerves and excitement under control.  After a busy and sometimes emotional morning of getting ready with your bridesmaids, your car can provide a moment of calm and reflection before you walk down the aisle.

Get more ‘bang for your buck’ by making the most of your car! You could book it for longer to take the Mother of the Bride and Bridesmaids to the venue first before returning for the bride, and ask your driver to stay after the ceremony so your wedding photographer can use the car in your pictures. Not only can the wedding car make a great backdrop, you can also drive to some cool views to take photos away from the venue.  If you opt for a larger vehicle like a camper van, getting the whole bridal party to the wedding venue in one hit is a fun and cost effective way to get more out of it. Once you’ve set aside your wedding car budget, you’ll need to think about the practical considerations – the number of passengers and cars, the style, and locations. As with any supplier you book, it’s important to check out the reviews online.  Ask to meet the owner and see the wedding car so you can get a real feel of the size and style. So to sum up, having a wedding car is more than a logistical decision of how to get from A to B, it will enhance your day tenfold.”

You can find Suzie and her awesome vintage wedding car at kushicars.co.uk/. HIGHLY recommended!